Mission Statement

The Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists is responsible for the health and welfare of all West Virginia citizens who seek professional services in barbering, cosmetology, manicuring and aesthetics by striving for sanitary conditions, procedures, applications, and competent services.


Services are provided in three areas: Board Members, Central Office Staff, and Inspectors.

Board Members:

  • Contract with adminstrators for licensing examinations for graduates of all schools of barbering and cosmetology in the State.
  • Establish and regulate the curriculum in all schools of barbering and cosmetology by legislative rule.
  • Conduct formal disciplinary hearings when warranted.
  • Establish and regulate licensing standards for individuals, shops and schools by legislative rule.

Central Office Staff:

  • Prepares and supervises the annual budget for the Board.
  • Maintains a computerized database of all active licensees and students in the barbering, cosmetology, manicuring and aesthetics professions.
  • Maintains a computerized database for all licensed shops in the barber, cosmetology and manicuring professions, and a database for all registered booth renters in these professions.
  • Provides for the collection and accounting of all licensing and examination fees.
  • Provides support services for the five inspectors assigned to the Board.
  • Provides support services for the five Board members.
  • Maintains communications with the licensing boards of other 49 states, the general public and members of the professional community.


  • Conduct frequent inspections of all licensed barber, beauty and manicuring shops, and all schools of barbering and cosmetology.
  • Conduct investigations of complaints related to the barber and cosmetology professions.
  • Enforces state laws and legislative rules relative to the barbering and cosmetology professions.
Laws and Regulations

The West Virginia Code Chapter 30, Article 27 governs the Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists.  The Code provides the Board authority to issue rules and regulations governing the practice of barbering and beauty culture.  The Code and all Rules and Regulations pertaining to the Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists can be found on this page.

*West Virginia Code Chapter 30, Article 27

Series 1-Procedures, Criteria, and Curricula for Examination and Licensure of Barbers, Cosmetologists Nail Technicians, Aestheticians, and Hair Stylists (EFFECTIVE 5/8/2024)

Series 2-Qualification, Training,and Examination of Licensure of Instructors. 

Series 4- Operational Standards for Schools of Barbering and Beauty Culture (EFFECTIVE 6/1/2013)

*Series 5-Operation of Barber, Beauty Shops, and Schools. 

*Series 6-Schedule of Fees.  

*Series 7-Schedule of Fines.

Series 9-Complaint Procedures.

Series 13-Barber Apprenticeship

Series 14-Waxing Specialist

Series 15-Application for Waiver of Initial Licensing Fees for Certain Individuals (EFFECTIVE 5/8/2024)

Series 16-Cosmetology Apprenticeship (EFFECTIVE 4/11/2024)


Board Members
Picture Catelyne Nguyen
Hurricane, WV

Picture Catherine Donahoe
Barboursville, WV

Picture Chelsea McBee
Rippon, WV

Picture Donnie Snyder
Fayetteville, WV

Picture Margaret Osborne
Cross Lanes, WV

Picture Melissa Kelley
Kingwood, WV

Picture Samantha Grady
Eleanor, WV

Picture Tyler Yates
Morgantown, WV

Board Staff
Picture Danielle J. Cordle , Executive Director

Picture Jason P. Graves , Deputy Director

Picture Kiana Carroll , Administrative Assistant

Picture Kenyon Warner , Inspector

Picture Stacie Harper , Inspector

Picture Kellie Ferguson , Inspector

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